Suoni per Roma

We live in a time in which two phenomena coexist: that of generalized massification, due to mismanaged globalization, and that of the post-COVID era that brings together various hardships such as loneliness, marginalization, social distance, fear, anxiety, and irritability. Artistic activity, through its creative richness, imagination, and evocative power, is an extraordinary tool for individual and social growth. Therefore, the primary expected benefit of the initiative is to ignite interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity towards art in a broad social fabric, rediscovering, through artistic and performative "exercise," social participation, self-esteem, and the growth of ideas aimed at connecting individualities to a social and civic space where beauty, cohesion, and empathy are areas of citizenship growth. Significant expected benefits are those related to young people, women, and individuals with disabilities, as artistic and performative activities dedicated to them are interesting tools for engagement through dedicated and participatory work, benefiting the fight against inequalities and thus narrowing social and territorial gaps in the involved neighborhoods.

Let us tell you the story

The Suoni per Roma took place in 2022/2023, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, aiming to reach the city with arts, making neighborhoods vibrant and inclusive. It's like reimagining "polis", the concept of City in ancient Greece, as more than just a place but a creative hub, fighting inequality and promoting active citizenship. All events blend music, theatre, and workshops as well as live performances and street parades in various places, engaging diverse audiences. The project is all about the city's role in our lives.

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The event "Sounds for Rome" aims to use the sound of language and music to create live performances closely tied to the involved territories. It seeks to enhance the material and intrinsic cultural heritage of these areas, providing ample opportunities for the participation of the local citizens. The selected areas are associated with the Municipalities VIII, XIII, and XIV of Rome, fostering activities that connect and unite them.

The theatrical and musical proposals are directed towards the youth, women, and vulnerable individuals, as well as a diverse audience in both formal and informal settings such as schools, libraries, theaters, streets, and monumental centers. This approach allows for artistic experiences to be lived in different contexts, transforming them into vibrant spaces of interest and civic participation.

Theatrical Activities

The theatrical activities are structured into three projects:

Canto di Roma (Song of Rome): A project dedicated to children, adolescents, and vulnerable individuals in the VIII and XIV municipalities, as well as the residents of Bastogi (XIII municipality).

Voci dalla città - Passato, presente e futuro (voices from the city - past, present and future): Dedicated to popular theater, citizens, and their involvement in a theatrical performance. The idea is to transform urban spaces into a stage, focusing on the performative aspect of young people and citizens of all ages participating in theater meetings and workshops.

Teatro nelle scuole - Nonna Italia (Theater in Schools):

The project/performance is based on itinerant interaction with and for young students from the first to the fifth grade. It proposes improvisation activities with and for the hosting classes, aiming to spread the principles of our Constitution and the meaning of the words democracy and citizenship. It also covers fundamental concepts such as freedom, rules, civic sense, the importance of equality, and respect for diversity.

Musical Activities

The musical proposals, directed towards young people but including a  diverse audience, aim to involve citizens fully in the VIII and XIV municipalities. This includes the establishment of a youth music band that can serve as a tool for live performances in the involved neighborhoods. A youth band has been formed, involving many students from the music schools in the respective areas. Weekly work in individual schools, along with the contribution of meetings with students from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory and young musicians from the World Youth Orchestra, who act as mentors for this initiative. Support from teachers and masters in the field of wind instruments, such as Marco Pierobon, former Principal Trumpet of the Orchestras of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and the Academy of Santa Cecilia, has also been instrumental in this endeavor.


Municipality VIII: Arcipelago Auditorium Municipal Library, Basilica di S. Paolo Fuori le Mura, IC Padre Semeria Urban itinerary: via Cesarea, via Laodicea, via Damasco, via Pergamo, via Timoteo, via Iconio, via Efeso, via Filippi, via Corinto

Municipality XIII: Headquarters of the Bastogi Committee

Municipality XIV: Pentalfa Club, Casa del Parco Municipal Library, Franco Basaglia Municipal Library, Gardens of the monumental complex of S. Maria della Pieta


Amici dei Bimbi Onlus, Associazione Controchiave, Biblioteche di Roma, Circolo Arci Pentalfa Club, Scuola Il giardino dei Cedri

Curators and Artists

Alberto Popolla, Anastasia Demchenko, Carolina Leporatti, Chiara Catalano, Cristina Pedetta, Eugenio Carreri, Gabriele Benedetti, Gabriele Coen, Giuseppe Mortelliti, Ketevan Abiatari, Leonardo Mazzarotto, Lorenzo Sabene, Luca di Francesco, Maro Pierobon, Rebecca Rotondi, Riccardo Giuranna, Sara Bezzi, Simone Martino, Simone Zenobi, Valeria Almerighi, Violiva Matilde Cocchi

Artistic Directions

Damiano Giuranna, Chiara Catalano, Valeria Almerighi

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