Sounds of Brotherhood

To return to the source of the culture of brotherhood, the World Youth Orchestra draws inspiration from the Journey of Ulysses: a journey of knowledge, filled with the sounds of the  universally recognizable language, music,  that, as Plato wrote, is 'a moral law, giving soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, charm and gaiety to life and to everything.' With this journey, the young musicians of the World Youth Orchestra can share  a sense of  what seems lost today, the deepest sense of being human: brotherhood, and once found, it can become, in their actions, a profound testimony.

Let us tell you the story

The World Youth Orchestra Foundation, through collaboration with an international network of  universities, academies, and conservatories, creates  an instructional orchestra  with young musicians from all five continents, including special representations from countries involved in annual activities. Each year, the foundation selects a different international area  to implement its project.

The orchestra will stay within the chosen territory  throughout the rehearsal and musical preparation period, open to the public, collaborating with various musical and artistic institutions. This allows for connection, collaboration, and interaction with the social and cultural context of the involved locations and countries.

Artistic and musical training programs will be utilizing  the new Participatory Method of Musical Performance, an innovative methodology developed by the World Youth Orchestra Foundation. This method combines enhanced knowledge and preparation in musical, historical, social, and philosophical realms with increased individual artistic responsibility and creativity.

The project originated in 2016, building upon the experiences and international projects of the World Orchestra conducted since 2001.

2016 - Iran

This marks the first musical project between Italy and Iran following the lifting of sanctions and embargoes by European countries against Iran. The project involved collaboration between the Conservatorio di Musica S. Cecilia and the University La Sapienza of Rome, the Roudaki Foundation in Tehran, the Cultural Institute of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Italy, the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, and Iran’s National Orchestra. It received support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The initiative took place in both Iran and Italy with three concerts at the Vahdat Hall in Tehran and masterclasses at the Conservatorio di S. Cecilia and the University La Sapienza in Rome. Notable artists such as Nasir Heydarian, Loris Tjeknavorian, Damiano Giuranna, Fabrizio Falasca, and educators like Franco Piperno, Alessandro Verrecchia, Daniele Roccato, Emanuele Senici, Andrea Chegai, Antonio Rostagno participated. The initiative was honored with the Presidential Medal by the President of the Italian Republic.

2019 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo, and the Sarajevo Academy of Music collaborated for this project. The initiative included two concerts: one in Mostar at the Kosaca Cultural Center and the other in Sarajevo at the Bosnian Cultural Center, featuring artists such as Damiano Giuranna, the Choir of the National Theater of Sarajevo, and artists from various cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Sabrina Cortese, Lucrezia Venturiello, Daniele Adriani, and Lorenzo Battagion.

2019 - Lebanon

The project collaborated with the Italian Embassy in Beirut, the Italian Cultural Institute, and the Al Bustan Festival.

2019 - Morocco

The project involved collaboration with the Fez Festival, the Italian Cultural Institute in Rabat, and the Fez Conservatory of Music. The initiative included a concert at the Fez Festival with the participation of artists like Damiano Giuranna, Lucrezia Venturiello, and Taha Alami.

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