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World Youth Orchestra Foundation


Board of Directors

Adolfo Vannucci
Damiano Giuranna
Franco Piperno
Paolo Bellioni
Riccardo Giuranna
Silvia Giorgi
Umberto Triulzi

Board of Administration


Adolfo Vannucci

Music and Artistic Director:

Damiano Giuranna

Board Member:

Paolo Bellioni

Founding Institution:

Sapienza Università di Roma

Dott. Adolfo Vannucci


The sole entrepreneur within a family of employees, deeply immersed in the realm of music, having held the position of President of the Board of Directors at the La Fenice Theater in Venice, former President of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, and currently serving as the President of the World Youth Orchestra. A dedicated sportsman, engaging in a sport he refers to as... Tennis! He is friends with the City Angels because they allow him to accomplish things that he, on his own, wouldn't know how to do!

Damiano Giuranna

Music and Artistic Director

Since September 15, 2001, when he founded the World Youth Orchestra and shortly after the World Youth Chamber Orchestra, Damiano Giuranna has introduced a new approach to music. This approach combines a profound commitment to the art with a dedication to social causes.

This concept was promptly put into practice through a special initiative for the orchestra. With the Mediterranean Project “World Youth Orchestra Mediterranean Tour - The Euro Mediterranean Brotherhood”, Damiano Giuranna aimed to promote acts of peace through the sounds of the Mediterranean, the heart of the world…

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